About Us

Groov was developed in response to a significant gap in the market, identified through extensive experience running large-scale music schools. These schools, part of a substantial yet overlooked segment of music education, lacked suitable software options to manage their unique needs. Often, music schools had to resort to using software designed for entirely different businesses, like gyms and yoga studios. However, such tools fell short of addressing the intricate requirements of running a music school.

Recognizing this issue, Groov set out to create a solution tailored to the music education industry. The software is engineered to handle the complexities of music school management, providing a level of functionality and value previously unavailable. By focusing on the specific needs of music schools, Groov not only enhances the operational efficiency of these institutions but also opens up new opportunities for revenue and profitability.

Our Team

Ratan DeJong

Chief Executive Officer
Ratan is an accomplished business leader with nearly 20 years of experience with SaaS technology. She has expertise in mergers and acquisitions, solutions consulting, customer success, and client relations. Most recently,
she was a key member of the executive team of HealthcareSource, where she helped facilitate the sale of the business in 2015 for over $300 million.

Thomas Byrne

Chief Marketing Officer
Tom is the visionary leader and chief evangelist for The Real School of Music family of companies. Under Tom
s leadership, Real School has grown from concept to a disruptive powerhouse in the music education segment, having delivered over one million lessons and counting. Prior to founding Real School, Tom co-founded Edvocacy Research Corp., an education non-profit specializing in scientifically-based early literacy assessment. 

Steve Ludwig

Chief Technology Officer
Steve was co-founder of HealthCareSource, the leading talent management software company for the healthcare industry. Steve helped pioneer SaaS for talent management in the hospital setting and was primarily responsible for creating and defining product offerings and strategy. He and his business partner grew the company from a self funded two-person startup into the premier healthcare talent management solution before selling the company in 2009.

Jay Fredkin

In addition to his role with Groov, Jay is founding CEO at  CABEM Technologies, where RSI’s software technology has been developed. CABEM’s services include design, development, deployment, management, security, and maintenance of high value custom and product-based  software solutions for a variety of segments, including education, investment banking, intelligence and military, laboratory management, and identity theft.