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Welcome to Groov, the innovative software crafted exclusively for music schools. Our vision is to revolutionize music education by offering you a powerful tool that simplifies business management, accelerates growth, enhances student engagement, streamlines communication, optimizes financial management, and opens the door to lifelong learning opportunities. Groov is more than just software; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to transform your music school experience.

Groov is designed to make your experience as efficient and smooth as possible. This 4-minute video shows how easy it is to add families, schedule lessons and programs, set up payment plans, and process secure payment through Square. 

“Groov instantly made our business more efficient. It is extremely flexible and has functionality that will work for any music school model. I wish we had Groov years ago.”

Bill Doss

Vice President of Operations, The Real School of Music

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Why Groov?


Our innovative platform is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of your music school operation. With Groov, you can streamline scheduling, track student progress, manage invoices, and communicate seamlessly with your instructors and students. Groov reduces the need for manual processes, contributing to a more organized approach to music education management. Join the Groov revolution today and experience the power of our tailored software for music school owners.


Groov revolutionizes the way instructors stay organized. It improves communications, enhances student engagement, and ensures exceptional student outcomes. Groov simplifies task management, allowing educators to concentrate on reaching and teaching their students. Embrace Groov for a transformative educational approach where efficiency meets excellence in music instruction.



Groov provides a robust communication platform that supports clear and consistent interaction between students, families, and educators. It simplifies the tracking of academic progress and facilitates efficient exchange of information, essential for student success. By choosing Groov, families can ensure a cohesive educational experience, leveraging technology to enhance learning outcomes.

Exclusively for Music Schools

Groov was engineered with deep insights from a multi-million dollar, multi-unit music school chain. Most music school software tools dilute focus by catering to unrelated businesses (gyms, yoga studios, salons, etc.). Groov sets itself apart by maintaining an unwavering commitment to the specific and complex needs of music schools.

Business Impact

Groov streamlines administrative tasks, reducing workload, and improving operational efficiency. This translates to cost savings, increased revenue generation, and financial stability.

Data Driven

Groov’s utilization of data and analytics provides valuable insights often obscured from view. These insights empower informed decisions and precise actions, ultimately propelling your music school to new levels of success.

Academic Impact

Groov enhances student engagement, leading to improved academic outcomes and higher student retention, enhancing your school’s academic reputation and long-term success.